How do i get on The List?

Do you have your own business? Wanna get found by local customers?

“One of the most affordable ways to advertise your small business.”

“No Big Guys Allowed = Leveling the field so you don’t have to compete with national brands .”

Sign up for a free trial for a limited-time…

Step 1.

Fill out the form for 1 or more business locations. If you have multiple locations, fill out a new form and click “submit” for each location. Q. What if my biz is not a traditional brick and mortar shop or I work from home?

This is super cool because you can set up a virtual shop anywhere you want without telling everyone your home address. Just put in your city, state and zip and you’re set. In the address field put in the way you want to be contacted: phone number, email address or website.

Think about this—if you’re a small business that wants to get found in multiple cities, you could set up a location in those cities: LA, OC and SD. Are you a Biz Dev Gal who covers a certain territory? Set up multiple virtual locations in various target areas. That’s it for now!


First name

Last name

Company name


Work from home? (if yes, check the box)

I dont’ have a specific street address but want to get found in this city…

Business Address (skip street address only to keep private)

City (required to for GPS location)

State (required to for GPS location)

Zip (required to for GPS location)

Special Offer (keep it simple: limit 250 characters)

Website (e.g.

Email Address

That’s it for now. More questions? Call me directly: 714 318-6086 or email:

Here’s what you get:

1. You get a custom ad on our exclusive mobile app: works like Foursquare & Gowalla API- uses GPS and Google Maps to help you reach a targeted, tuned-in local audience.

How is it different from the regular Foursquare or Gowalla?

1. NO BIG Guys Allowed. No National brands or companies over 100 million in annual sales. This is for small and medium-sized businesses ONLY.

2. Instead of displaying “everything,” The List features businesses that have “Special Offers” to give customers a reason to do business with you.

-*Customers Check-in to your location so you can validate and authenticate the offer. Keep track of how many customers come in.

-*Customer Check-in’s can also be shared to Facebook and Twitter providing more impressions and attention to your business.

-*Manage your business info and Special Offer from our web dashboard and update in real-time.



How many people will have the app? For starters, it’s free to download and we’re telling the 15,000+ registered members in our networks plus advertising it to 5 million potential households that are able to watch our TV show 24 in the OC.

—Next, we’ll put it in applicable app stores for the world to see

—Finally, we’re supporting the app with ongoing TV advertising, promotion thru social networks and other web and media partnerships.

How does this compare to other services?

You probably know that traditional methods like print ads, web banners, direct mail, radio and TV cost a lot of money and they don’t always show a return on investment…

Online services that deliver big discounted coupons use the power of collective buying to deliver insane deals and potentially lots of customers. But at what cost? The problem is you have to discount your product or service 50% or more and give up nearly 100% of your profit margin. And the offer isn’t always relevant to the receiver.


“Special Offers.”

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