The Sea of Strangers by Seth Godin

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This is the good stuff. [link to original article] I think Seth Godin’s words in this post are so valuable they are worth republishing here. Print this out and tape it to your bedroom mirror so you can see it every morning, tattoo it on your arm-whatever it takes to internalize…Then put it into […]

Viral Video Machine

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A few months ago I asked this same question and I think it’s worth repeating: Are you building your online (content) empire? Why do this? I’ve been having an ongoing debate with a good friend whose company is doing exceptionally well. He’s smart and understands his business. However, I’ve been telling him that his problem […]

3 Things That Suck About Orange County

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If you know me, you know that I’m not a fan of negativity, naysayer’s and pessimists (I’ve worked with my fair share of them and they are toxic.) I like to do stuff that matters. When people tell me it can’t be done or I’m crazy, I know I’m onto something good… Instead of focus […]

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