About Linked Orange County


My name is Bryan Elliott and I’m the founder of Linked Orange County. You’re invited to join a special new group of Orange County professionals with a totally new approach to networking and improving your business.

Do you live, work or have plans to do business in Orange County, California? If so, you’re in!

Become a member today! It’s free and takes a few seconds.

Just sign up below and you will get access to member benefits like Early Bird pricing on special events and networking meet ups, our newsletter with expert tips for small businesses, videos and other great perks.
What’s the point?

Linked Orange County is about Connecting. Business. People.

With over 6,000 loyal and engaged members in Orange County, you’ll be able to tap into the power of the network and discover the possibilities when good people are united and work together. We are a leading business community network connecting the disconnected to create value for our members and in the community.

Our main purpose is:

* Connecting buyers and sellers.
* Connecting information seekers with expert information.
* Connecting teams, collaborators and innovators to each other.
* Connecting like-minded people.
* Connecting top talent with top jobs.
* Connecting organizations spending money with ways to save money.
* Connecting passionate people into a movement.

While there is strength in numbers, we don’t measure value by how many members we have. We’re not keeping score of our popularity or adding hundreds of new ‘friends’ we may never know.

We’re interested in people who understand that the real value of (social) networking is when it translates into meaningful relationships of trust. Where members help each other, form a community and prosper. A place where innovation, creativity and collaboration thrive. And self-promotion takes a back seat to generosity.

Our mission is to help members connect. Our goal is to be a leading community network of people representing the major industries in Orange County including: Food & beverage, Consumer electronics, Automotive, Motorsports, Software & Technology, Retail, Fashion & Apparel, Pro Sports, Entertainment & Music, Recruiting & Staffing. Real Estate and more.

I look forward to connecting!
Bryan Elliott

Founder, Linked OC
Email: 1goodbrain@gmail.com
Tel. 714 318-6086

  • Joe Ippolito

    looking forward to your meetings

  • http://www.dazzlecups.com Jennifer Wolfson

    What a great idea Bryan, I think networking is very important to any business and it is very important to be well connected to the community. I plan on being at the event March 20th. See you then!

    Owner/Artist - DazzleCups.com

  • Bryan

    Thanks Jennifer. BTW, did u mean March 30th? Yes, looking forward to meeting ;)

  • http://www.modernexhibits.com Tricia Mayer

    As an OC Business Owner, I really like what you are doing Bryan!

  • http://www.tcphotodesign.com Tim Copeland

    If you require the services of a professional photographer for this event please contact me as soon as is possible.
    No later than 4pm please.
    I am willing to provide full coverage and photos from event at a significant discount.
    I look forward to being of service-

    Tim Copeland
    TC Photography & Design
    Licensed / Insured

  • http://www.changesforlife.com Dee Standley


    It is great to see someone extend that helpful hand to all businesses in the OC area, to support each other in what can sometimes be a tough environment. As a business owner in both OC and LA counties and having moved from London, England to embark on this journey, I thank you for your help.


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    [...] About [...]

  • Andrew

    This may sound dumb but I just heard someone mention this event so I found the website, but what exactly is this event about and what goes on?

  • Bryan

    Hi Andrew,

    This meet up is a networking meet up and launch party for episode 2 of our new TV show. Hope you can join us!

  • http://successcoachinggroup.com Lisa Goodwin

    Hey Bryan! Great biz idea and we can’t wait to connect. My VP and I will be at the Referral Engine program tonight, will linked oc be there?

    Can’t wait for more from your team.

  • http://www.trendsdesigngallery.com Chris

    First time reading this page.

    I’m so glad Linked OC was created. It fulfills a great need in The OC.

    And I agree about putting people first. So far, in my business venture(s) the people that have influenced me and my business the most have been close people of trust, and not just the numbers.

    We are moving into a culture of sustainability and that means sustainable relationships of quality

  • http://frontpage-hosting.snvo.net Frontpage Hosting

    It is great to see someone extend that helpful hand to all businesses in the OC area, to support each other in what can sometimes be a tough environment. As a business owner in both OC and LA counties and having moved from London, England to embark on this journey, I thank you for your help.

  • Bryan

    Thanks for your email. Please feel free to contact me:

    Bryan Elliott
    Tel. 714 318-6086

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  • http://www.irroc.com Debi

    Nice event last night! Leading the Pack was informative and useful, simple u00a0info you can use right away