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In simple terms, Bryan’s List is an online and mobile business directory with some very special features. It’s free for anyone, anywhere on the internet to search but businesses pay a small subscription to be listed. It’s a way for your business to get found by our members and the 3 million+ people living in Orange County who might be prospective local customers. The website side of things is ready now. There is a mobile version coming soon for smart phones. Bryan’s List uses geo-location technology and a bunch of other cool stuff but here’s the most important points of distinction:

1. NO big guys allowed. No offense to our friends who run national brands or gigantic companies with millions of dollars to spend on advertising, but this one is for small businesses. The playing field has been leveled.

2. List your business for $10 per month per location. You asked for more customers and more business AND an affordable way to market your product or service. With all of the traditional and non-traditional advertising methods out there-including social media, I can’t think of anything more effective or affordable than this. The List is for just about any kind of legitimate and legal business including those who have shops, work from home, Reps, and other unique specialty retailers or service providers.

3. “Special Offers.” Studies show we do business with people we know, like and trust. But when budget is an issue, sometimes the offer has priority. Make no mistake, this IS NOT Groupon® and this isn’t about conditioning customers to be loyal to the lowest price-bad idea in my opinion. However, every business listing is required to have a special offer. The word “special” is open to your interpretation as it specifically relates to your business. Make it fun. Make it compelling. Make it special.

You manage all aspects of your profile so feel free to change it up as often as you like. Is your product seasonal or want to run some test marketing? No problem. Change the offer or offering instantly. Do you have more than one location or would you like to try and reach people in a new part of town? Great. Set up multiple locations…

Additional Support for Businesses on Bryan’s List…

Each week, up to 3 businesses on Bryan’s List will be selected at random to ride along in the Linked Orange County Newsletter [] in the new “Showcase” section like the example you see below. It will reach our 5,000+ members. This is a huge value. As an example, if you’ve seen Linked OC’s Sponsored Member Spotlights, these normally cost $2,500 per email and sponsored ads are $500 each. If you’re doing an ROI calculation, I’m no math wizard but the value of one Showcase is approx. 500% return on your investment compared to the cost of 1 full year on Bryan’s List. Good deal, eh?

I hope you like Bryan’s List and give it a try. Get started here.

“Special Offers.”

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