I heard the song “THIS IS WAR” a while ago and it got me thinking about business. We are at war; these are perilous times for many of us.

But I think most of the time we don’t fail because we don’t have the ability. We fail more often because we get in our own way.

*I already know enough about marketing.

*I’m too busy.

*I’m too tired.

*What I’m doing is good enough.

*I already have enough business connections.

*There are already too many people doing what I do that I can’t compete.

*Nobody cares.

*I don’t have enough budget.

*I don’t have enough resources.

*I don’t have enough experience.

*I have too much experience.

*Trying something different is uncomfortable.

*Trying something different is admitting that what I’m doing now is not working or not good enough.

*If I don’t try, I don’t fail. If I don’t fail, I can convince myself and others I’m worth keeping on the team.

THIS IS WAR. But in this war we don’t just pick our battles. We choose who wins.

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