Be Involved in Planning 2011…

Want to be involved in planning what we do next year? I’d love to hear from you about the kinds of things you’d like to see and do in 2011.

For example: Why are you here? What are you hoping to accomplish by being a member of Linked Orange County? How can I help you? Knowing some of these things helps me tailor the group, our events and my messages for you more personally.

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Rolondo Talbott

    I have several suggestions that I strongly feel would be beneficial to LinkedOC. 1) continuing to profile small businesses in the OC specifically when it comes to the diversity that is represented in this county. Whether its minority owned, veteran owned or a family business, I think there would be interest any any of those areas. 2) examining the work-life balance in Orange County. In this economy it feels like most have forgotten that there needs to be balance in their lives. Examining what people or companies do to maintain that balance would be insightful. 3) Lastly, highlighting how philanthropic Orange County is. There are a lot of organizations that are doing a lot of good work for the community, the nation and the world. It might be worth highlighting them.rnrnAlso, as a young entrepreneur in Orange County, I am always on the look out for resources to help my business succeed. Whether its a value added networking event or individuals willing to be mentors, I would personally find value in all of that.

  • Steve

    Bryan Elliot,nModular Lifestyles is bringing its awward winning Ojai Valley Green Coalition 2011 participant Green home to Irvine. This 1930 craftsman inspired Senior 55+ home has a 1.2 kWh PV, a dedicated electrical circuit for an “EV” besides being practically zero <$200 in total annual utility costs to operate in Ojai. Where can you you a green energy efficient Energy star home for less than $200K? We approached displaying with Irvine Nissan to include their "LEAF" "EV" to reside in the driveway. Maybe together we can announce the Open house in Feb 2011 to the Linked Orange County members?

  • RoxyMuzick

    I’m hoping to meet fellow business owners who might have a need or refer people with a need for computer services to my Orange County Computer Service Business Masley and Associates (714)975-3656

  • Aileen Holmes

    I agree with Rolondo about highlighting philanthropy. I have been involved in several non-profits lately as a board member or providing my design services. It’s really great to see more people getting involved in supporting our community! nnI’d also like to actually attend a Linked OC event! I’ve been taking night classes which has prevented me from attending events… However, I will change my schedule in the upcoming year. Hope to meet you all in person!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Rolondo, super comments. Yes, big announcement coming soon related to your suggestion about elevating the profiles and stories of small biz and philanthropy…nnWork-Life balance is an important issue. Do you know there are guest blogger opps for Linked OC members? That could be an interesting topic….

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Aileen, hope to see ya soon. There will be a lot of good events next year!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Steve, feel free to email me more about your idea.

  • Teena

    I liked the Speed Networking event and would like to see some more of those types of events. I think it would be helpful to have an ice breaker during the social part of the event, I find some people are slower to jump in than others. I also think it would be beneficial to hold a few events in Central OC. Not everyone works in Irvine.

  • Maria

    Going along with the theme of highlighting local businesses, have local experts host mini/half-day/day workshops on various topics of interest brought up by members. nnFor example:nLocal blog expert: helping businesses/individuals with their blogs (set-up, widgets, etc.) Marketing/PR/Publicity: Low budget, creative ways to get your message out nBusiness Start-up experts: Understanding the real cost of going out on your own nWeb Experts: What elements are necessary for a good website; nnThere is a lot of talent in this group!n

  • Robert Zuetell

    I will try and come we are booked for Thursday Night so I will see if the employees can fill in

  • Peggy Lamberton

    Bryan, you’ve started something very special. I like Maria’s and Teena’s suggestions. Let me know if I can help you. I’m a meetings and events professional.

  • Lizsterama

    Combining philanthropy w/ tomfoolery & shenanigans w/in an atmosphere where networking is teambuilding and super duper interactive. Is that vague enough? Love the Seth event. Seen him many times, so I will not be joining you for this one. But he’s super fresh fun. Looking forward to hearing about more events & helping to plan if you so desire…

  • bryan elliott

    Yes please AND thank you!

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