How much @Klout do you have?

First impression…


I just returned from CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and you know what the most interesting and surprising thing was? Auto companies.

Huh? Yes. The Detroit auto show is this week, but Las Vegas was buzzing with talk about cars.

Audi was by far the most impressive for many reasons. Their strategy felt a bit like gorilla-style attention poaching,  cross-over and cross-pollination of an industry where people who love gadgets ALSO love cool cars. Smart.  This might be something you’re already doing with your product or service. But if not, it might be something to think about. I think this is less about the features and benefits (the uber cool sound systems, navi, digital display) and more about knowing where to find and reach people. If you’re a hungry lion, you go to the watering hole where all the zebras hang out, right?

Second impression…


Klout is (becoming) the standard for influence online…

What is Klout? That’s a little easier to explain verses the more important question which is: How do I get (more) Klout? There is a fancy algorithm but I had the chance to meet founder Joe Fernandez at CES… and according to Joe and the team, “Klout isn’t about figuring out who is on the “A-list.” We believe that every person who creates content has influence. Our mission is to help every individual understand and leverage their influence.”

For me the jury is still out as to the validity of the measurement but my guess is that Joe and gang will continue to improve the accuracy.  But the important thing I observed was the beginning of a mainstream adoption of not just social media, but social CRM and measurement tools. This is actually a big step and big deal-and good news for normal people like you and me. Why? Because part of the holy grail of any media campaign, especially the sometimes ambiguous ROI of social media, is being able to measure and crunch the numbers. Your Klout score is a way to qualify and quantify-and get paid.

Audi gave one person I know, who also happens to have a Klout score north of 70 points (a relationship with Audi forged previously from an auto show and unrelated to Klout), one of their $100k new sporty sedans for a week to cruise up from SoCal to CES and comp’d their suite at the Cosmopolitan hotel. Not too shabby…This is one example of taste-maker or influencer perks…

Disney has done similar things with Klout influencers by hooking them up with free movie tickets. The guys at Klout are doing something right because they just got an $8.5 million vote of confidence from a Bay area venture firm. Side note: I’m reminded again how forward-thinking, finger-on-the-pulse and brilliant Brian Solis is who introduced me to Klout about a year ago…

So the tips Chris Brogan gave us back in Oct. about building our brand not only hold water, but it’s stellar advice that (for some who carve out a niche) could yield benefits like fancy German luxury automobiles, hanging in hotel suites where Jay-Z has been seen and free movie tickets.

Weigh in here and let me know what you think about Klout. Every comment saves a kitten in the world somewhere…

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  • Dwood09

    Great post, I had to go back and revisit the Chris Brogan article. Very informative, it has me questioning just how much Klout I have!

  • SteveAverill

    If you have clout you like Klout. End of story.

  • bryan elliott

    Yep, and I think everyone does have some level of clout (trust, influence, leverage). The point is, how do we earn more-because I think it is an earned thing. You can build your brand thru generating content online (or offline), real life experiences and more. Carving out a niche to establish yourself as an expert usually = getting hired (more) or higher paying jobs.

  • Grail Duewell

    Wonderful post Bryan! Very enjoyable to read and a lot to learn from. ” Great Klout!! All the best!

  • bryan elliott

    Thanks Grail!


    I clicked over to Klout (again… I had checked it out a long time ago) to see what I thought. The program hasn’t managed to pull my current profile pic and bio so how would I trust that the engagement information they have on me is current?

  • Linda Landers

    That’s certainly what I’ve found to be the case. Establishing yourself as a thought-leader, and sharing that intellectual knowledge via blog content, etc. does help to build your online reputation = klout.

  • Jeff Hester

    My Klout score is currently 45 — nothing to write home about — but I’m not worried. Klout score is just a guide. I’m not doing this to get free rides to Vegas in an Audi (not that I would turn it down). nnPut another way, people are not going to trust anyone or give them business simply because of their Klout score.

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