Interview with Best-Selling Author John Jantsch

I had the privilege of  sitting down for an interview with best-selling author John Jantsch who wrote the iconic marketing book for small businesses, Duct Tape Marketing. It is no small feat to replicate the magic of Duct Tape Marketing, but somehow John has managed to do it in his new book, Referral Engine.

As you watch this video interview about Referral Engine, Jantsch not only has a way of simplifying complex marketing principles for small biz markers to grasp and apply, but also takes a common sense approach combined with a systematic process that provides a road map to success.

Enjoy this interview split into bite-size portions for your consumption and pleasure!

[Part 2]

[Part 3]

[Part 4]

[Part 5]

[Part 6]

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  • Kelly Weppler Hernandez

    Great interview Bryan! For those that missed John speak last week, Bryan captured the essence of what John’s talking about in the Referral Engine. Take a few minutes to watch the interviews. Most important take-away message-Nobody talks about boring businesses!

  • Steve Averill

    man this is really really good stuff and Bryan you asked some great questions, wow I sound like a cheerleader but it’s the truth! well done…

  • Beau Brown

    Excellent interview Bryan. Big fan of John’s and subscriber to his podcast, and your interview really touched on the key points of referral business.

  • Greg Prete

    Enjoyed this a great deal. My thanks to Bryan, John and Kelly at WH & Assoc.

  • Kelly Weppler Hernandez

    Thanks Greg. Looking forward to seeing you tonight at the Chris Brogan event.

  • automotive advertising agency

    thanks for sharing this very interesting and educational interview

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