Feb. 11th Event Featuring Seth Godin

seth godin linchpin

One night of networking…

1 night to help Haiti…

One night only to discover: How to be Indispensable

Join us on Thurs. Feb. 11 from 7:00-9:30 pm for an unprecedented night of networking, charitable support for Haiti and evening with Seth Godin–Best Selling author, A-List lecture circuit speaker and marketing guru.

Be prepared to hear game-changing insights about the new rules of marketing. Seth will deliver a 1-hour keynote…a very important and timely message: How to be Indispensable based on his new book, “Linchpin: Are You Indispensable.”


All tickets completely SOLD OUT

General Admission Ticket:—-SOLD OUT—-

[includes 1 ticket plus, FREE ticket to our next or subsequent event]

General Admission Ticket + Seth’s New Book:—-SOLD OUT—-

[includes 1 ticket plus, Seth's new book Linchpin + 1 FREE ticket to our next or subsequent event]. FYI, Linchpin is being sold on Amazon for $25.95 or $17.13 with discount, but you still have to pay for shipping with orders less than $25. You can get Linchpin with your ticket here for $10. That’s a good deal.

VIP Ticket:—-SOLD OUT—-

[includes 1 VIP ticket, Seth's new book Linchpin, Exclusive limited access to the VIP Lounge with Seth and other VIP's before the event, preferred seating +1 FREE ticket to ALL subsequent events in 2010-a pass to all events this year alone is an over $400 value.]


Student Ticket: $25—-SOLD OUT—-

[includes 1 General Admission ticket. You must currently be enrolled in undergrad or grad program. Student Id, class syllabus or equal relevant materials required.]


Can’t make it or want to buy extra copies of the book? Get Linchpin: $15


When: Thurs. February 11, 2010. Time: 7:00-9:30 pm

Where: St Regis Hotel & Spa, 1 Monarch Beach Resort Dana Point, CA 92629

Agenda: 7-7:30pm reception, 7:30-8:30 pm Seth, 8:30~networking


Seth Godin is to marketing and new media what Steve Jobs is to computers and digital technology-an icon. Here’s a few of Seth’s other works you may have heard of…




It’s important to know that Seth rarely ever does this kind of private event. He usually speaks to Fortune 100 companies or at the TED Conference.

If you know about the TED Conference, you know that it’s an annual event where the greatest minds in the world gather. It’s by invite only and each ticket is about $9,000. Seth is also from the NYC and rarely comes out this way. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.


And special thanks to our event sponsors…

[In addition to the serious economic issues we face here locally, I'm sure the disaster in Haiti has been weighing on all of our minds. Skip1 is a non-profit organization dedicated to supplying direct relief aid to Haiti. For those with the means and ability to help, Skip1 is a great addition to our event and will allow us to help the cause and the people of Haiti.]







There are affordable sponsorships opportunities in many shapes and sizes. Please email me directly if you have interest in reaching the kinds of people and decision-makers who will attend this special event. My personal email address is: 1goodbrain@gmail.com.


A final word…

One of the things I’ve been saying about our community since the beginning is that we don’t need a million members. We just need a few good people who are passionate about our cause. Seth Godin has said the same thing many times and even dedicated an entire book to this idea. In a recent post, I believe Seth was writing about us:

“I think the ability to find and organize 1,000 people is a breakthrough opportunity. One thousand people coordinating their actions is enough to change your world (and make a living.)

1,000 people each spending $1,000 on a special interest cruise equals a million dollars.

1,000 people willing to spend $250 to attend a seminar gives you the leverage to invite just about anyone you can imagine to fly in and speak.

1,000 people voting as a bloc can change local politics forever.

1,000 people willing to try a new restaurant you find for them gives you the ability to make an entrepreneur successful and change the landscape of your town.”

This is a big opportunity. “Will you capture it, or just let it slip?” I look forward to seeing you on Feb. 11.*prices subject to change without notice.



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