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This might challenge Dunbar’s Law, but I say let’s go for it…

It’s that time again for a Speed-Networking night! You know, like speed-dating, only replace the “find someone to date” part with “find people to do business with.

This event is meant to be a casual networking mixer of sorts with a twist of fun and games. It’s going to be really fun but also a great way to meet more people and find (many) compatible business matches!

A quick sidebar note on the name, “2 Minutes in Heaven.” It’s a play on words because you’ll have about 2 minutes with each person who attends and a score card to make notes about people you want to spend more time with after the event.

After polling thousands of people over the last 2 years since we started, the biggest reason for becoming a member of Linked Orange County still seems to be the people you meet at the LIVE events in person. Sure, we’ve had some of the biggest names and experts in the world [-dropping names now-] like Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Chris Brogan, Brian Solis, David Meerman Scott, Mike Stelzner, and Mari Smith to name a few- who visited us in OC and left their priceless words of wisdom…

But who is actually making the biggest difference in helping your business? Turns out it’s the members and attendees of these events. When it comes to building relationships of trust, there’s no substitute for these face to face, in person meet ups.

Early-Bird Registration: $10 for Linked Orange County Members (or $20 for everyone else or members paying at the door).

*Why does this cost money? Tickets to this event help cover the cost of the room, sound fair?

When: Thurs, June. 30th 7:00-9:00pm

Where: Hilton Hotel Costa Mesa

Who: You and your friends, colleagues, significant other etc…